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Smart Park Robot Solution



Pain points of robots:

1. High salary

2. Difficult to recruit

3. Difficult to manage

4. Low efficiency

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Keep up with the new trend of smart cities and form differentiated competitive features

2. Intelligent multi-modal interaction, bringing novel experiences to customers

solution introduction:In recent years, China’s economy has grown rapidly, labor costs have also risen day by day, park property management staff are overwhelming, repetitive work is too high, and personnel turnover rates have been plagued by problems such as the development of park property management. At the same time, people's requirements for security and intelligent services in the park are becoming higher and higher, and robots have played an irreplaceable role in this process.Realize the robot to walk completely autonomously, remotely control walking by voice, and have the function of autonomous obstacle avoidance;When the battery is insufficient, it will automatically return to the charging room to charge; the robot will read the digital meter at a fixed position and transmit it to the background in real time and store it in the warehouse; personnel can monitor it at any time. When there is abnormal data, the software will give an alarm; quickly deal with abnormal safety issues. The video collected by the robot's on-site camera is sent back to the background in real time, and the background is monitored in real time, and responding detection equipment and detection functions are added according to the needs of the enterprise. The emergence of intelligent distribution robots in the park can not only help enterprises realize distribution, but also increase the characteristics of enterprises. In the future, distribution robots can undertake the handling and distribution services of property tools, corporate relocation, office supplies, and daily necessities in major parks, saving human resources and making the park more intelligent.

Post time: Nov-18-2021