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Smart office robot solution

Applications:BUDDY, COLIN


Pain points of robots:

1. Lack of industrial practice and clear job orientation.

2. There is a serious shortage of talents for application technology

3. High labor capital

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Personalize your project

2. Promote practical benefits

3. Focus on achievement

4. Don't set the number as the default setting

5. Investment training

6. Build a pleasant workplace

solution introduction:Since a strong workplace culture is desirable, digital development is undermining this. The key to building a positive culture while driving successful digital development is to put people and processes above technology. It will provide opportunities for more flexible work arrangements or streamline processes to eliminate cumbersome tasks. Use a series of high-visibility internal communication tools to disseminate information about success. Most of us are destined to spend half of our lives at work, so as far as possible, this must be where we want, not fear. No matter how much technology is available, our goal is to create a place that is both pleasant and productive.Intelligent office systems have penetrated into people's work styles. The use of high technology can not only bring greater benefits to enterprises, but also bring convenience to employees at work. The purpose of office automation is to make full use of information resources as much as possible, maximize office efficiency and office quality, so as to generate higher value information, improve the scientific level of management and decision-making, and realize the paperless, scientific and automated office business .Represented by the new AI infrastructure, with the goal of "organizational efficiency and smart management", through intelligent office robots to reform employees' office methods, improve the operating efficiency of enterprises, help all industries realize digital management of enterprises, and meet the people's growing needs for a better life .

Post time: Nov-18-2021