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Smart factory robot solutions

Applications:COLIN, MIAO


Pain points of robots:

New application development is immature, resulting in idle robots; integrators are not very professional, and robot functions are not perfect; there is a shortage of professional debugging and maintenance personnel, and minor problems cannot be solved in time; lack of necessary daily maintenance, shortening the life of robots, etc.

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Driven by national strategy, high integration of informatization and industrialization

2. The rapid development of the Internet of Things, 5G, and face recognition technologies, innovating the intelligent application of park property management

3. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the labor cost of enterprises is increasing year by year, reducing the number of employees to increase efficiency, improving per capita work efficiency, ensuring the economic benefits of the park, and improving the level of operation and management services.

solution introduction:In the industrial field, "unmanned" has begun to be an important direction for enterprises to promote the intelligent transformation of factories. Especially in the context of the current difficulties in recruiting workers, rising raw material costs, and increasingly prominent individual demands, reducing the demand for workers and improving the flexibility and automated production capacity of the production line have become the internal driving force for the development of unmanned factories. In some respects, industrial robots are both employees and quality control systems. They have no preference, eliminate the possibility of human error, and produce predictable and good products every time. Moreover, because of the reliability of the machine relative to humans, it can also reduce the cost of scrapping caused by quality defects, and there are no management problems caused by human personality, thereby saving management costs.With its strong R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities, Bayes can provide users with highly reliable and innovative robot control services and high-precision testing services to help our customers stand out in the fierce market competition.

Post time: Nov-18-2021