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Smart City Solutions



Pain points of robots:

1. Manual inspection of loopholes

2. Inaccurate data records, untimely uploading of data, and prone to errors.

3. Lack of navigator

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Enthusiastically and actively receive visitors, guide the tour route, and give lectures at specific points

2. Intelligent security without dead ends, easy to grasp the on-site situation, cruise as needed, and perform security inspection tasks.

3. BUDDY built-in singing and dancing, entertainment lottery, game interaction and other functions.

solution introduction:Intelligent robots need to have at least the following three elements: one is the sensory element, which is used to recognize the state of the surrounding environment; the second is the movement element, which makes reactive actions to the outside world; and the third is the thinking element. What kind of action to take. Intelligent robots have now become an indispensable part of the intelligent system of smart cities, contributing to the construction of smart cities.Intelligent systems play an important technical support role in smart cities. From information acquisition, processing, decision-making to control and other aspects, the concept of intelligent systems is everywhere. The interweaving of intelligent monitoring, intelligent robots, intelligent transportation, smart grid, intelligent buildings and other multi-faceted, multi-functional, multi-level intelligent systems constitutes the ultimate smart city.

Among the many intelligent systems, intelligent robots have become the best solution for smart cities with their wide application fields and diversified functions. The reason why an intelligent robot is called an intelligent robot is because it has a fairly developed "brain". What works in the brain is the central processing unit. This kind of computer has a direct connection with the people who operate it. The most important thing is that such a computer can perform actions arranged according to purpose. Because of this, we say that this kind of robot is the real robot, although their appearance may be different.

Post time: Nov-18-2021