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Restaurant solutions



Pain points of robots:

1. High salary

2. Difficult to recruit

3. Difficult to manage

4. Low efficiency

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Optimization of personnel costs, continuous and efficient work 24 hours a day, flexible configuration, and improved operational efficiency

2. Improved service experience, multi-service modes, meeting different needs, simple style, appearance online celebrity role, contactless delivery, responding to sudden epidemics

3. Easy and fast management, intelligent induction, reduce operation troubles, data support, enhanced terminal realization, visual management, easy to grasp the overall situation

solution introduction:The upstream of the catering distribution robot is the main core components (lidar, AI chip, depth camera, motor, controller, reducer, etc.); the midstream is the software provider (SLAN technology, cloud service, machine vision technology, application development, voice Interactive technology, operating system) and ontology manufacturers; downstream is the application scenario catering industry (hot pot, dinner). In the context of steady growth in the catering market, in order to improve the quality of catering services and reduce service costs, catering service robots can be used as a key means to improve the efficiency of catering services due to their lower cost and higher service efficiency. The catering service robot takes the ordering, delivery and checkout in the catering service process as the basic purpose, and on this basis, the robot and the restaurant service personnel can cooperate with each other through the interaction between the robot and the restaurant personnel. Therefore, the field of catering delivery robots The favor of capitalists.Using the intelligent terminal of the intelligent delivery robot can free some of the staff in the restaurant to complete other non-repetitive complex tasks. Intelligent empowerment is carried out in terms of revenue and expenditure reduction, customer experience and resource allocation to achieve a more optimized configuration of restaurants.

Post time: Nov-18-2021