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Hotel solutions

Applications:BUDDY, COLIN, COLA


Pain points of hotel robots:

1. Shortage of waiters and high labor costs

2. High staff turnover and high management cost

3. 80% is repetitive work, slow service and low work efficiency

4. Decline in customer satisfaction and low OTA score

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Robot rental, with obvious advantages of low cost

2. The robot is on call, no need to rest, 24 hours on duty

3. Professional question and answer semantic database to guide customers and improve efficiency

4. Introduce robots to improve service quality and brand image

solution introduction:As a public gathering area, the hotel has a large flow of people. How to prevent the epidemic during the outbreak of the new coronavirus has become a top priority. In this regard, in order to ensure the safety of guests and staff, the hotel will use robot services to reduce human-to-human contact, and insist on disinfection for each guest to prevent cross-infection.In the epidemic, the demand for elevators as robot distribution in high-risk scenarios is even higher, and "contactless service" has become the main signature of hotels. The robot will carry a disinfectant spray with them. Employees and customers can take the items after disinfection. After the delivery task is completed, the personnel at the rear will also disinfect the robot on an hourly basis to reduce the possibility of infection.Combining the needs of the hotel, Bayes can create a food delivery robot solution for this scenario, helping hotel delivery staff to reduce work pressure during the lunch peak period, improving the overall efficiency of the delivery process, and allowing service staff to deal with more Unexpected situation, provide better service."Human-machine integration, more convenient and faster", Bayes food delivery robots are not only a new thing born after the baptism of the epidemic, but also a weapon to improve service efficiency in life service scenarios.

Post time: Nov-18-2021