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Pain points of robots:

1. The hospital has a high population density and is prone to cross infection

2. The manual disinfection workload is large, and it is impossible to ensure that the disinfection work is completed in place

3. High labor costs for disinfection in isolation wards and shortage of personnel resources

4. Large disinfection area and many pathogens in the environment can easily lead to the spread of the epidemic

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Intelligent unmanned disinfection, separation of man and machine, reduce the risk of cross-infection, and ensure the safety of medical staff

2. The environmental disinfection function of multiple modes provides a full range of disinfection and sterilization protection for the internal environment of the hospital

3. Automatically perform 360° disinfection without dead ends around the disinfection target, continuous automatic disinfection during the day and night, saving manpower

4. The robot can move autonomously and work automatically to achieve quantitative management of the disinfection process

solution introduction:HINER is the hydrogen peroxide solution is vaporized in a vaporizer. The dry mist gas it emits has excellent penetration and diffusion ability, and can reach the parts that are conventionally difficult to wipe and touch, including air conditioners, color steel plate gaps, equipment inside, bedding, bed back It can be covered, can kill bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, viruses, etc., and is convenient to use.Its application can better prevent nosocomial infections, protect the health of staff and patients, and prevent the spread of various pathogens in the hospital.In China's anti-epidemic process, the use of medical disinfection robots is very eye-catching. Robots can go to high-risk environments to replace tasks that are difficult for humans to complete. This is very suitable for disinfection in epidemic areas. It not only saves valuable medical human resources, but also reduces the risk of infection of medical staff, even more thorough than manual disinfection. .

Post time: Nov-18-2021