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Exhibition hall solutions



Pain points of robots:

1. Single form of publicity

2. Large amount of consultation

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Intelligent selection of auxiliary processing

2. BUDDY uses multiple interactive modes such as voice, video, text, and pictures for publicity

solution introduction:The exhibition service robot focuses on providing voice explanation and intelligent guidance services, which effectively improves the work efficiency of the staff, and also enhances the sense of science and technology of the exhibition hall. Intelligent system integration services can be customized, and it can also realize the interconnection of AI robots and multiple intelligent terminals The effect constitutes a robot service system in the exhibition hall. Completed active recruitment of face recognition, product and hotspot knowledge base, single-point and multi-point navigation. Based on the intelligent guest terminal, the user identity entry and identification can also be completed by linkage, which provides support for the integrity of the data. The intelligent robot service system supports docking with standard IOT devices, and supports Bluetooth, NB-IOT and wifi networking protocols. Technically, it can support upgrades, such as completing face recognition automatic access control and voice control light switch control.In the future, Bayes will continue to insist on technological innovation, continue to tackle tough problems and independently research and develop core technologies, rely on high-level technology to become self-reliant, and strive to achieve leapfrog development in important scientific and technological fields.Adhering to the concept of robots making mankind happier, we actively feed back the achievements of scientific and technological innovation to the society, and strive to promote the achievements of scientific and technological innovation to benefit the country and the people and benefit the society.Assist in catalyzing the creation of new business models and models, empowering the upgrading of traditional industries, and facilitating the digital transformation of exhibition halls.

Post time: Nov-18-2021