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CBD robot solution

Applications:BUDDY, COLIN, COLA


Pain points of robots:

1. High labor costs

2. Work loopholes

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Internal drive transformation and upgrading

2. The third wave of artificial intelligence technology

3. Improving the service level of operation management becomes the focus

4. Reduce staff to increase efficiency and improve per capita work efficiency

solution introduction:With the rapid development of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, etc., digital high-tech is infiltrating our lives, pushing mankind towards the era of digitalization and intelligent manufacturing. The development process of the industrial revolution and the continuous rise of labor costs, various automatic machines, power machines, and power systems have been coming out, making human labor gradually replaced by semi-automation and automation. BUDDY can join hands with CBD Tianjing to carry out community knowledge and culture propaganda activities. Including robot reception, robot guidance, robot explanation, robots and community party members, mass interactive entertainment and other activities.In recent years, the market's demand for robots has continued to rise. Governments, related research institutions, and enterprises all attach great importance to the development of robotics and have invested a lot of resources. The development of robotics is showing a good trend. The high-precision problems in robotics have inspired many outstanding robotics R&D teams around the world to innovate and forge ahead. In the future, robots will become an indispensable tool in daily life, bringing people a more comfortable and convenient life.It can be seen that the implantation of smart elements will bring more temperature to the CBD, creating a low-consumption, high-efficiency, and continuously empowering CBD, which will become one of the main directions of future CBD development. As the most sincere partner of CBD, Brilliant Technology will continue to in-depth product technology research and development and solution iteration, and further promote intelligence to benefit more CBD.

Post time: Nov-18-2021