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Airport Robot Solution

Applications:COLIN, BUDDY


Pain points of robots:

1. Large flow of people

2. Wide airport area

3. High labor cost

Primary Competitive Advantage:

1. Multi-mode environmental disinfection function provides a full range of disinfection and sterilization protection for the internal environment of the airport

2. Reduce staff, increase efficiency and improve service experience

3. Epidemic stimulus: The outbreak of new crown, SARS and other epidemics has forced the development of the medical system, and medical services have been further upgraded intelligently

solution introduction:As a part of the passenger service experience system, the airport robot will provide passengers with corresponding services such as reception, information inquiry, route guidance, business consultation, and audio and video playback.In the past few years when the concept of "smart airport" was proposed, there has not yet been a unified definition in the civil aviation industry. The reason is that with the rapid development of current information technology, new technologies and concepts are constantly being applied to the airport, which makes the connotation and realization of "smart airport" continue to expand; at the same time, because the airport is a huge and complex basic service involving multiple operators Facilities have complex business scenarios such as airside, terminal building, and landside. Different operators and different business scenarios have different requirements and understandings of "smart airport".  As an assistant to airport staff and a caring service partner for passengers, BAYES Airport Robot uses customized solutions that highly integrate airport business to effectively help airports improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction. Since the deployment and implementation, the robot has won good feedback from customers with reliable services.The introduction of intelligent airport robots made up for the shortcomings of traditional manual disinfection methods. While reducing personnel contact, it greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection, effectively enhances passengers’ sense of safety when traveling, and promotes the airport to achieve scientific and intelligent prevention and control.

Post time: Nov-18-2021