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Dong Chao, CEO of Bayes Robotics, was named the 2020 China Robotics Industry Person of the Year

On April 7, 2021, the “OFweek 2021 (10th) China Robotics Industry Conference” hosted by the high-tech industry portal Ofweek Vico.com and hosted by OFweek Vico.com Robotics was held in Shenzhen. The conference focused on the progress and trend of research on advanced key technologies for robots, and dug deep into the application and practice of innovative robot technologies. Bayesian Robotics was invited to attend the conference as a pioneer in the service robotics industry, and CEO Dong Chao was awarded the “Vico Cup.” OFweek 2020 China Robotics Industry Rookie of the Year Award.


In 2019, with the beautiful vision of “letting high-quality robot services for thousands of households”, Dong Chao, who has been deeply cultivated in the field of service robots for many years, founded Bayesian robots, continued to focus on the research and ecological construction of key technologies for service robots, combining the integrated AI technology of robots with vertical scene depth, and creating AI education, wisdom guidance, unmanned distribution, disinfection and epidemic prevention and other service robot solutions.

Founded in just two years, the company has applied for a total of 65 patents, of which the proportion of invention patents more than 30%. The core laser SLAM-VSLAM autonomous positioning navigation technology, can ensure that the robot in the high traffic of exhibitions, shopping malls and other complex environments, even without ceiling visual labels and ground magnetic strips will not lose positioning, loss of direction.


For different scenarios, Bayesian robot supports the intelligent service solution of customizing the exclusive scene, so that technology becomes the add-on of the enterprise, in the realization of differentiated competition at the same time, to provide the enterprise with no contact with intelligent services, to help the enterprise reduce the cost of efficiency, efficient breakout.

Up to now, Bayesian Intelligent Service Robot Solutions have been used in Huawei Smart City Hall, Intel Future Technology Smart Center, Jiangsu Province Big Data Industrial Park, Changzhou City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Shenzhen Longgang District Government, Solid High-end Equipment Innovation Center, China Science Association Member’s Day and other scenes and activities, and have been widely recognized.


As a successful commercial service robot application to a variety of scenarios, Bayesian robots have always been to the industry’s high-quality products, professional operations team and system stringent technical research and development standards for all walks of life, solve the problem of scenario applications, break the end-service worries, hard-working commercial service robots, leading people to produce intelligent upgrades in life.

Post time: Oct-08-2021