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BUDDY guide robot on-the-job maternal and child health care home

Recently, Changzhou City Maternal and Child Health Hospital special needs outpatient area came a “new member”, she can not only lead the way, but also answer questions, guidance, as soon as the post became the star of Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital – she is from Bayes intelligent guide service robot BUDDY.


Changzhou City Maternal and Child Health Hospital is the first batch of state-level “baby-friendly hospitals”, medical, health care, teaching projects, the establishment of various floors, the number of visits and the growing demand for personalized services make the orderly process of consultation, the effectiveness of medical resources is greatly challenged.

Changzhou City Maternal and Child Health Hospital special needs outpatient department head said that the introduction of intelligent referral robot, Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital to build a smart hospital of an attempt and innovation, through intelligent robots to allow more patients to fully enjoy the development of science and technology brought about by efficient services, but also for the hospital to provide a convenient treatment.


BUDDY intelligent guide robot supports the active welcome, pre-screening triage, inquiry service, road guide, questionnaire, feedback, mission tour and other services for the hospital’s Nate needs ward customers, supporting sound, image, video and other interactive ways to help improve the medical experience and improve the quality of medical services.

With Bayesian Smart’s self-researched cloud center console, the already cumbersome offline deployment takes only 30min to complete and put into use. BUDDY’s addition not only captured the hearts of the vast number of patients, convenient and intelligent operation is the majority of medical staff unanimously recognized.


With the acceleration of the aging of the population, the expansion of medical demand is obvious, major medical institutions are facing the pain points of rising labor costs, high frequency demand for consultation and distribution, large repetitive workload, poor patient experience and so on. At the same time, the domestic epidemic rebounded, the epidemic prevention and control situation is again under pressure, “no contact service” has become a very critical protective measures, especially in hospitals and other places where people gather.


Bayesian intelligent deep-digging the actual needs of the medical scene, to create a set of intelligent consultation, medical distribution, disinfection and epidemic prevention as one of the intelligent medical comprehensive solutions, to help the traditional medical scene upgrade, improve patient satisfaction, improve service efficiency, at the same time during the outbreak, through contactless intelligent service response policy, reduce the risk of cross-infection, ease the pressure of offline medical services.

Post time: Oct-08-2021