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Bayesian Robot won four golden prizes

On December 22nd, the 2020 Chinese annual meeting of the Chinese Electronics Chamber of Commerce and the China AI Golden Globe Awards ceremony was held in Beijing. The conference released the “Artificial Intelligence Potential 50″ list, Bayesian intelligent service robots by virtue of the accumulation of technology and innovative applications in the field of artificial intelligence, while winning the China AI Golden Award 2020 “Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprise Award”, “Intelligent Robotics Technology Award”, “Intelligent Government Application Award” three awards, founder and CEO Dong Chao won the China AI Golden Award “2020 AI Pioneer Award”, and was invited to speak as a guest of the round table dialogue.


China AI Golden Award aims to find and explore the field of Chinese industry intelligence,” for which a strong line-up of experts jury, led by the European Academy of Sciences academician Guo Yike, Canadian Academy of Engineering academician Yang Jun, Norwegian Academy of Engineering academician Rong Rongming and other senior experts. The award represents a high honor in the field of artificial intelligence and is an Olympic gold medal for artificial intelligence. The Golden Globes attracted more than 200 AI companies to sign up for the award, which began in June this year and went through a preliminary, review and final review, and was finally selected.


In the round-table dialogue session, Dong Chao made his point on the theme of “New Journey from End-to-Edge Intelligent Technology”. He said that since its establishment, the company has been focusing on service robot key technology research and ecological construction, independent research and development of low-speed driverless algorithm technology, domain-wide adaptive scene semantic interaction technology, robot complex operating system, multi-mode sensing fusion technology, cloud robot platform and other robot key technologies and platforms, and as a carrier and vertical scene depth combination, to create AI education, intelligent guidance, unmanned distribution and other service robot solutions.

Dong Chao believes that for service robots, cloud-side-end integration has built a large-scale operating platform that provides diversified services through robots. The breakthrough of edge computing technology is beneficial to realize the cost-effective robot multimodal perception fusion, adaptive interaction and real-time safe computing, and provide users with faster robot terminal response, which solves the demand at the edge.


As a robotics company that has applied artificial intelligence technology to real-world demand scenarios, Bayesian Intelligence understands the importance of landing scenes. Dong Chao said that only through the accumulation of scene data to learn, in order to continuously improve the robot’s decision-making ability, to create a truly popular cost-effective robot. Up to now, Bayesian Intelligent Service Robot Solutions have been used in Huawei Smart City Hall, Intel Future Technology Smart Center, Jiangsu Province Big Data Industrial Park, Shenzhen Longgang District Government, Solid High-end Equipment Innovation Center, China Science Association Staff Day and other scenes and activities.

China AI Golden Award, is a combination of soft power and hard power award, this award is the past two years Bayesian Intelligent in the service robot scene application solutions innovation accumulation. In the future, Bayesian Intelligence will continue to tap the needs of the scene, further promote the service robot scene landing, play the Chinese AI field of the “head effect.”

Post time: Oct-08-2021