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Bayes robots unite AI power to help smart shelters scientifically prevent epidemics

The new crown virus is raging, and the Dabais have fought continuously day and night, and have made great efforts to protect the safety of the city and the health of the citizens. In this “epidemic” without gunpowder smoke, intelligent robots also played an important role, among which Bayes robots are the most prominent. At present, Jiangsu Bayes Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Bayes Robot) has faced the difficulties and acted quickly, using the company’s technological advantages to create a complete scientific epidemic prevention solution, and contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic. There is power.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Bayes Robot has always regarded epidemic prevention as the top priority of the enterprise, and Bayes Robot has been there wherever it is needed. On the evening of April 5th, after receiving an emergency mission from the Fangcang shelter hospital of Changzhou West Taihu Expo Center, the Bayesian robot deployed quickly within 6 hours, fighting from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am. Task. As long as the shelter is needed, the Bayes robot will achieve its mission, which fully demonstrates the responsibility and responsibility of a technology enterprise.
Now the Omicron variant is extremely contagious. Compared with humans, robots are not only immune to infection, but can also work tirelessly 24 hours a day, greatly improving the level of epidemic prevention and management. This time, Bayes Robot has provided scientific epidemic prevention solutions for disinfection robots, service robots and food delivery robots for the Fangcang shelter hospital of West Taihu Lake Expo Center. At present, after careful debugging by the staff, the Bayesian robot has officially been “on duty” and has begun to “show its talents” in the makeshift hospital.
Bayes food delivery robots and service robots can assist front-line medical care and management personnel to complete the transportation and distribution of meals and medicines, which not only greatly reduces the work intensity, but also allows medical staff to save precious time for patients who need them more. All-round reduction of the possibility of cross-infection. The Bayesian disinfection robot provides 24-hour “sleepless” intelligent services for cruising and killing. In the makeshift hospital, the Bayes disinfection robot travels freely in various areas to sterilize the environment. And the disinfection efficiency is very high. There are three disinfection modes: ultra-dry atomization spray disinfection of disinfectant, UVC ultraviolet disinfection and plasma air purification. 360° complete disinfection without dead ends, so that the virus has nowhere to hide.
With the Bayes disinfection robot, the exposure risk of manual disinfection can be effectively avoided, thereby protecting every front-line worker. Not only in Fangcang shelter hospitals, Bayes robots are also actively participating in the fight against the epidemic in hospitals, hotels, factories, airports and other places in many provinces, cities and regions across the country, using intelligent technology to help both epidemic prevention and production.
Now that the epidemic prevention and control has entered a critical moment, Fangcang shelter hospitals have a stronger demand for contactless automatic distribution and automatic killing. Next, Bayesian robots will go to the Quartet non-stop, and actively exert the power of digital intelligence technology to quickly Speed ​​up and build a safe line of defense for people.

Post time: Apr-15-2022