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AI robot anti epidemic solution: contactless distribution, killing patrol

Baidu and Neusoft have jointly created a set of robot anti epidemic solutions, including information collection, temperature detection, medical assistant, contactless distribution, killing patrol and other functions.

Temperature control / intelligent inspection robot has many functions, such as accurate temperature measurement by infrared, identification of whether wearing mask, registration instead of manual, setting patrol route at fixed time and fixed point.

The medical assistant robot is oriented to the medical industry, with the functions of unmanned triage and navigation, it can quickly triage patients with fever and symptomatic diseases, recommend the route and Department of patients, and directly guide patients to the location of treatment.

The robot of disinfection safety guard has strong sterilization effect, can independently complete map building navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent charging after completion of disinfection task, at the same time, real-time monitoring of disinfection process and generation of complete work log.

The robot anti epidemic solution was included in the recommended scheme of the national artificial intelligence standardization general group on February 13. At present, the intelligent products created by Baidu and Neusoft have been put into use in Jiangxi Provincial People"s Hospital, Shaanxi Provincial People"s Hospital, Panjin Central Hospital and other medical institutions.

Post time: Dec-07-2021