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Intelligent Robot Mobile Chassis

Short Description:

Size:510 * 510 * 310mm

Weight: 30kg

Speaker: for voice broadcast

Laser radar: scanning range of 270 °, user mapping positioning, path planning and obstacle avoidance

Communication: support wifi, app control

Motility: Independent Shock Absorber System

Obstacle height of wheel: 10mm

Moving speed: 0.6 ~ 1.0m/ s adjustable

Maximum climbing angle: ≤ 5 °

Skid resistance: cope with wet and smooth road surface

Positioning accuracy: ±5cm

Battery: 48V20AH

Charging mode: manual charging/ automatic homing charging

Charging time:4-6h

Endurance:6 h at full load

Accessories: charging pile (power adapter included)

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Product size  510*510*310mm
Product net weight  30kg
Communication  Support WIFI, APP control
Wheel obstacle height 10mm
Movement speed  0.6- 1.0m/s, adjustable
Maximum climbing angle  ≤5°
Positioning accuracy ±5cm
Battery  48V20AH
Charging method  Manual charging / automatic back-to-nest charging
Charging time  4-6h
Endurance time 6h with full load

Core Highlights

Smooth operation
Excellent construction drawing
Long-lasting battery life
Rapid deployment
Autonomous Navigation Obstacle Avoidance
Intelligent Internet of Things
powerful load
Automatic Recharge
Smooth operation

It adopts the power structure configuration of "two masters and four slaves", with independent suspension combined with servo wheel hub motor to ensure the stable operation of the robot.

Excellent construction drawing

With centimeter-level positioning accuracy, the navigation mapping area can reach 10000㎡, and it is easy to complete indoor large-area complex scene mapping.

Long-lasting battery life

Equipped h high-quality high-capacity lithium battery,6-hour battery life. 24 h standby.


Rapid deployment

With mobile App control, work environment deployment can be completed quickly.

Autonomous Navigation Obstacle Avoidance

Multi-sensor fusion positioning, combined with deep learning technology, complex environment, large flow of people, narrow and long aisles, open scenes can run freely.

Intelligent Internet of Things


In conjunction with the IoT module, andThrough intelligent dispatching in control center, SupportInterconnection of elevator, door lock, smart home and other equipment.

powerful load

The rated mechanical load is 60kg for most scenarios.


Automatic Recharge

With infrared alignment, automatic recharge function, use worry free.

Intelligent robot mobile chassis

Intelligent robot mobile chassis is aDevelopable, modular, scalableRobot chassis product level platform. Equipped with high-performance laser SLAM positioning and navigation system, combined with vision, odometer and other multi-sensor fusion algorithms,Multi-floor stereo construction drawing, autonomous positioning, navigation and obstacle avoidance, elevator door and gate interconnection communication, autonomous chargingFunctions such as to help customersFast, low-cost robot development and production.

Customer Value

Fast development and production

Complete universal chassis package with strong technical team

Support and shorten the R & D and landing cycle of enterprise products.

Low R & D costs

It has a stable and mature supply chain, which reduces the cost of modularization of core hardware.

Meet the demand of mass production of enterprises.

Strong expansibility

Open the SDK platform completely.With a strong algorithm team,

Provide application development and SDK access services.

Multiple application scenarios

It is committed to providing one-stop mobile robot solutions for commercial wheeled server operators in various industry segments.

Core Strengths

Running smoothly
Using "two master and four slave" power structure configuration, independent suspension combined with servo hub motor, to ensure the smooth operation of the robot

Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance
Multi-sensor fusion positioning, combined with deep learning technology, complex environment, large flow of people, narrow aisle, open scene can run freely

Excellent Mapping
Cm level positioning accuracy, navigation drawing area can reach 10000m, easy to complete indoor large area complex scene mapping

Intelligent Matter Federation
Set up the Internet of things module, and through the control center intelligent scheduling, support elevator, door gate, smart home and other equipment interconnection and interworking

Long Battery Life
Equipped with high quality and high capacity lithium battery, 6 h endurance, 24 h standby rapid deployment

Rapid Deployment

Using App control of mobile phone, the deployment of working environment can be completed quickly.

Strong Load
Rated mechanical load 60kg, can meet the needs of most scenarios of automatic recharge

Automatic Backflush
With infrared alignment, automatic recharge function, easy to use

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